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Add some Punch to your Social Media

29 Feb

Add some punch to your social media experience by integrating WordPress with HootSuite. It’s simple and hassle-free. Like an uppercut, HootSuite makes blogging that much more powerful.

Watch the tutorial video above and see why owls are the Bruce Lee of the bird world.

Initial support is for blogs hosted on, but support for self-hosted WordPress blogs is on the horizon.

UPDATE: We’ve had a number of users report that when they try to add their account into HootSuite it pulls back the wrong blog name and avatar. The cause for this has been identified and WordPress has resolved the issue for us. In case anyone is concerned, there was no way for users to post messages to the wrong blog, it was only an issue with the returned display name and avatar. Everything should be working fine now.

If you have further questions about WordPress integration with HootSuite, please visit us at